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Different Mosquito Control Products

Different Mosquito Control Products

As you may know, mosquitoes have been annoying insects on the planet for millions of years. Not only do mosquitoes bite you and suck your blood, but they can also transmit several dangerous diseases and viruses. Some of these are the West Nile virus, Malaria, and yellow fever. They can infect not only people but animals as well. Because of this, it is important to utilize effective mosquito control. We will now go over some effective Mosquito control products.

The first mosquito control product is called the Mosquito Magnet. The Mosquito Magnet is a system that runs 24 hours daily and in all weather conditions. It emits carbon dioxide (which is what humans and animals exhale that initially attracts mosquitoes) and other attractants. The mosquito falls for the trap and gets sucked into it, where it will eventually die. The mosquito Magnet effectively controls mosquitoes in 1 square acre. It is priced between $379 and $1000, depending on how big of an area you want to protect.

Another mosquito control product you may like is insect electrocute traps. These traps attract mosquitoes and other bugs to it. They then electrocute the insect. They are commonly called “bug zappers.” There are also insect traps that use a sticky pad to get the insect stuck to it. They use smells that are said to attract mosquitoes to them. These mosquito control products are available between $35 and $75 at any lawn or garden store.

Some very common mosquito control products are poisons. These can be made of various chemicals. The common ones are DEET, permethrins, pyrethrins, etc. These can be purchased as mosquito foggers, garden hose attachments, individual sprayers, etc. You can purchase these at any lawn and garden retail store. The prices vary depending on how much poison you buy and what the ingredients are.

If you have ponds or animal watering containers, you know that mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in them. These mosquito eggs will eventually turn into annoying, biting adult mosquitoes. This is where the next line of mosquito control products comes in. These are products that you add directly to the free standing water. It kills the mosquito larvae before they become adult-biting mosquitoes. One such product is called Microbe-life Biological Mosquito Control. This product comes in many different sizes and prices, depending on how much water you need to treat. A 6-ounce container was $19.90 and a gallon jug was priced at $205.99.

Now that you know of some available mosquito control products, you may need to go out there and get some. Do some research and decide how much you want to spend and how big of an area you need to treat. If you utilize more than one of these mosquito control products, you can eradicate tons of those pests!

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