Are You Ready to Take Your RV Cross Country?

For many RV owners, the cross-country trek is one that is long considered, but perhaps never undertaken. While there is a lot to be said about taking your RV all the way from the shores of the Pacific in the west across to the Atlantic in the east, there are plenty of hurdles to clear along the way. You have to have the budget for such a long trip, you need to have time away from work, and you have to have a plan that will take you along a route suitable for the weather you will encounter. Of course, this kind of trip certainly can be done, and you might find it to be one of the most-memorable trips of your life if you decide to give it a shot.Camper-trailer

If you do decide to plan for a coast-to-coast road trip in your RV, consider the following three tips.

Plan for Extra Time

There are going to be delays along the way – there just are. Even if you think you can stick tightly to the timeline you have laid out for the trip, you need to plan at least a couple of extra days in case you are slowed down at one point or another. For instance, you might have to have a little bit of work done on the RV, or you might run into road construction that holds you back from reaching your intended destination one night. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to have to rush through the back half of your trip simply because you have some slow downs earlier on. Build in a little bit of ‘wiggle room’ to your itinerary so that you can relax and not stress about sticking tightly to your schedule.

Various Forms of Payment

You don’t want to bring along only one or two forms of payment when you are heading out on a long trip. Sure, you might plan to use a specific credit card for all of your purchases, but what happens if there is a hold on that account for some reason? Or what if you simply lose or break the card? Take along a variety of payment options, such as alternate cards and some cash, so that you have options for making basic purchases like fuel, food, etc.RV - Pusher

Extended Breaks

Although it will be fun to see the country, you aren’t going to have that much fun if you feel like you are simply on the interstate day after day, checking off the miles to the next overnight stop. Instead, try to plan some two or three night stays in a few different places so you can set up camp and relax for a while. You don’t want to get so tired of the road that you are simply hoping to get back home as quickly as possible. Stopping for multiple nights will allow you to check out what various places have to offer, and you can rest up for the next legs of your journey. If you make it to Texas check out our Coastal Breeze RV Resort in Rockport, Texas.

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