Insuring Classic Cars

Insuring Classic Cars

Classic cars are usually rare and unique. If you own one such vehicle, you will probably want to safeguard the car. Unlike traditional cars that can be insured by traditional car insurance, you need to obtain special car insurance for your vintage car.

Such vehicles require insurance that can meet their needs. Regardless of whether you have modified your vintage vehicle, remodeled it or bought it from someone else, you will want to protect such a unique asset.

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Classic cars are made up of parts that might be quite expensive to replace. Insuring your vintage car may be more costly than insuring a contemporary car. Nonetheless, you will find that it is worth it, especially if your classic car gets into an accident.

Search for an Insurer which specializes in vintage cars

There are numerous car insurance dealers in the market. However, only a few specialize in vintage car insurance. Since classic cars are vastly different, you should make sure that your insurer has the necessary expertise when it comes to vintage cars.

Why go for the specialized Insurer? There are numerous reasons why you should opt for the experts.

A specialized insurer will know the difference in appraising a vintage car and a modern car.

Most non-expert insurers will not provide insurance for vintage cars. The reason being, a vintage car grows in value as time passes and modern cars devaluate as they age, starting from the moment they were purchased and driven off the carlot. That is why it is so important for you to look for insurance coverage that appreciates the full worth of your car.

Owners of vintage cars often do not know the real value of their car, so they hire an independent appraiser to determine their value. Insurance companies that specialize in vintage cars often do not need an appraiser to determine the value of the vehicle. They have become experts in valuing classic cars and can often tell on sight how much the car is worth.

Should there be restoration or improvement in the car, an independent appraiser should be required to determine the value of the car.

Who is not entitled to apply for Vintage Car Insurance?

Finding a specialized insurer is difficult at best. Obtaining classic car insurance is more difficult if you don’t have a clean driving history. To be able to obtain vintage car insurance, you should not have more than two slight violations or even one serious moving violation. It is too risky for the company to insure a vintage car if you have even one moving violation.

If you are a new driver, you cannot acquire vintage car insurance for your vehicle. A driver must have been driving for more than five to ten years before he is allowed to obtain classic car Insurance. All the specialized insurers require that the driver is above the required minimum age before they are allowed to obtain the insurance. More on this website @

How much would the Vintage Car Insurance cost?

The cost of the insurance will really depend on the car’s model, the age and the physical condition of the car. If the car is unable to be driven on the road anymore, you can be sure it would have a lower premium than a vintage car which can be driven.

You will also be paying differently for classic cars which are just driven to car shows compared to a unit that is being restored or to the one which is regularly used. You should also consider cars which are more than 15 or 20 years old. They might already be deemed as belonging to the modern classic and thus are under different insurance regulations.

If you have a vintage car, you should obtain the appropriate insurance for it. Just imagine if your priced possession gets into an accident and all those hours you have spent restoring it. You will surely want to regain the investment you have put into it, both time and money. You should ensure that you get maximum protection for your classic car to safeguard your effort and your investment.

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