Month: November 2015

Obama Pays A Visit to Refugee Center, Says Evacuees Should be Welcomed

Obama Pays A Visit to Refugee CenterWhile visiting the refugee children in a Malaysian shelter, Obama stated that the leaders of America should not fear the young Syrian natives and children from other war prone nations who seek to immigrate to the United States.

He stated that the American leadership is caring about those who have been forgotten, the ones who are discriminated against and who have been tortured. The president is involved in a battle with the lawmakers in the U.S. and many governors as he plans to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. A bipartisan majority of the House lawmakers are concerned about the potential danger that is posed by the natives of the Islamic state. They voted to delay this refugee program till the administration deals with the security questions.

Evacuees Should be WelcomeThe refugees should resettle in the Muslim countries stated Texas Republican and the presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz. He noted that the United States spends relatively more than the other countries in terms of humanitarian aid. He went on stating that the lecture given by Obama and Hillary Clinton to the American people claims that they are ungenerous when it comes to these people. But, he stated that they do not want to put the safety of American children at home at risk by welcoming the Syrian children.

However, Obama stated that he will not be deterred by his opposition at home to welcome the Syrian refugees. He stated that as long as he is the president, they will try to step up and make sure that the country is the same as it has been always, a place that will welcome those who are in other countries subjected to violence and discrimination. He made it clear that they have shown that they can welcome the refugees as well as ensure their security.

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